Graduated in Fine Arts, I have focused my final degree project on the virtualisation of memories through a video game. From this moment on, I focuse on the digitalisation of reality, virtuality and 3D as an artistic expression.

Due to the interdisciplinary training, my works mix different formats such as photogrammetry, sound, 3D modelling and digital image, and the mixture of these formats converge in the final result, relating to the way of understanding the body and how it interacts with its real space, the avatar and the physical body.


2020/21          Master degree in 3D, scenography, rendering and architectural visualisation at Voxel School, Madrid.

2018/19           SICUE Programme at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Bachelor of Design (Madrid, Spain).

2015/19            Graduate in Fine Arts. Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Elche, Spain).

Professional experiences

2023/ -            3D Generalist / Motion Design / Video editing / Web design / AR 
                         MONKEY pictures / Berlin, Germany

2021/22            Design and spatial layouts, Interior and kitchen design. 
                         Gibeller 1924 / Spain, Alicante

2020/21            Interior Designer Advisor / Sales assistant.
                          IKEA / Spain, Alicante.

2021/21            3D Animator   Artist / MMMAD Digital Art Festival
                         MMMAD / Spain, Alicante

2020/20          3D CGI Artist of ‘GANADOR’ Music video for Luna Ki.
                         Sony Music Spain / Spain, Madrid

2019/19            Participant in the exhibition of ‘El país de los tuertos’,
                         Círculo de Bellas Artes / Spain, Madrid.